Friday, October 7, 2011

Vegan MoFo 2011!

So I'm a few days late to the party. Last year MoFo really inspired me to write every day and it was wonderful. This year I have severe limits on my time and technology access due a change in the day job circumstances.

I almost didn't sign up this year, but I have been wanting a reason to write more regularly (even though I shouldn't need a reason), so here I am.

Last year I fantasized about a 2011 MoFo with a creative theme, amazing pictures, thrilling give aways, and all the internet praise I could stomach. But then I didn't really think about how I wouldn't be wasting away in a soul-crushing job that afforded me little except for long days with little to do and internet access. Given the choice, I'm happy to blog a little (lot) less and be much happier 8-10 hours a day. Also, since I'm in an unpaid internship, there will be no improvements that require money.

So I didn't really set any posting goals, and this first week of October has already sped by with little input from me, and I'm out of town all weekend - maybe that'll give me some material though, since I'm going to be at a festival and camping.

I will probably also have a pretty stellar post at some point about the lavish dinner I make to celebrate the return of Arrested Development. Or I'll sit and rewatch seasons 1-3, eating blueberry muffins and making I blue myself jokes. I've gotten some serious non-AD mileage out of that line as recently as this summer.

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