Monday, July 26, 2010

CSA Mysteries

My CSA box brought no zucchini, but it did bring some mysteries.

The first was easily solved. I thought these lovely little oblongs were some sort of squash, but upon consulting the product list from the farm, and doing some Googling, and actually cutting one open, I discovered that they were in fact mini white cucumbers!

The second is still unsolved. It's some sort of bulb or something? I don't think it's a root as it's not terribly dirty and it has wilted leaves on it. So tell me, what is this thing?

While trying to figure that out, I needed to decide what to do with the mini cucumbers. I ended up incorporating them into my morning smoothies. They blend up splendidly and make for a light and easy to drink smoothie. The flavor is an eye-opener in the morning too.


  1. wow i have no idea what the second one is. that's the great thing about the csa box, you learn about so many veggies that you didn't know existed. if you can figure out what they are first! haha they should include a list of what youre getting. i will keep me eye out for you though and let you know if i figured out what it is.

  2. The second looks like a kohlrabi. They come in green and purple and the ones still left in my garden have pretty pitiful leaves left.

  3. I love my CSA for just this reason! Last week we got some "mystery fruit" that look like a cross between a pear and an apple, and it's been a fun adventure eating them. Enjoy your root/tuber/vegetable surprise! :)