Friday, May 25, 2012

Challenges, Diets, Cleanses, and So On

I'm not a big fan of the cleanses or detoxifying diets or anything too faddish and regimented. I don't really need to go into the whys though because I think I'm kind of doing one. I do realize that the title of this post is therefore a bit misleading.

Technically, it's a "challenge." My sister is running it to collect data, and I want to help her out, so I ordered this book. It isn't here yet, but my sister sent me a priming email. It looks like I've signed up to drink a half gallon of smoothie a day, and to eat a mammoth salad for lunches and dinners. Not bad things at all.

My sister is way more health conscious than I am. When she started experimenting with raw foods, it wasn't for the cupcakes. I, on the other hand have more dessert cookbooks than meal ones. She knows a lot and the one thing she's always chiding me for is my love of sugar ... the white death.

(Well she gives me a hard time about coffee too, but I think those days are over).

This love of health and of helping others has led her to breaking into the health and nutrition career arena, and this challenge is part of that. The plan isn't necessarily vegan, but it's so heavily emphatic about plant consumption that it may as well be. As such, I decided that a challenge would be good blog fodder. We start Monday! So I have to lock up my Cool Mint Oreos, and finish up the bread pudding that's currently baking. Ten days without sugar will be a Vegan Showdown (Hey! That's the name of the blog!) if I've encountered one.

OK seriously Blogger? Do I really have to add hard returns manually now, or am I totally missing something here? Also, the alignment on that video sucks and I'm not really interested in messing around with it right now because my dog wants to go on a walk. Why would you want to delay that?


  1. best of luck with your "challenge!" The first 3 days are the hardest -- power though!! you'll start seeing the benefits soon after!! yay for you!

  2. Sounds like an interesting challenge. Will be good to read how it goes. I did a similar thing a few years ago and stopped smoking at the same time and I must say I felt great at the end of it. good luck

  3. Thanks guys! I started yesterday and so far, it's pretty easy. My only worry is salad fatigue, but as hot as it's been here, I don't know that I could handle anything heavier.

  4. That's a pretty nice post, I was reading something related on another web page not too long ago that essentially said the same thing although yours is better, plus it’s good to have some validation on seeing two sources agree.
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    1. Thanks! It's a topic I should tackle in more depth, with some more research at some point.