Friday, September 28, 2012

Vegan MoFo 2012

I missed the deadline to sign up officially, but I'm going to do it anyway. I need something a little more productive than catching up on cop shows and playing The Sims. What better than to write at length about the food I eat?

I'm hoping it'll be cathartic. Never has the concept of showdown been more appropriate. Until recently, I had no consistent employment, and now I have a bit of debt to contend with. The job I did get isn't exactly going to do it, so I have to keep a tight budget where I can.

The other food related challenge I'm facing is dealing with a 6 year old's diet. I actually don't have to do much of it, because she's not mine, but my input has been requested. She's not vegan. Of course, I won't be involved in preparing non-vegan foods for her. The kid eats about as SAD as you can get most of the time, and she's pretty arbitrarily picky about what she does eat. It would be manageable except for the tantrums. I just don't know how to deal.

So food related stress all around should make for gripping blog posts. Or at least, for a poorly photographed diary of what I eat every day.

One other source of stress is how sick my cat is. She's been sick for about a month now, and the vets are unsure about what the problem is. She has good days and bad, but normal tasks like eating and finding the litter box are always a struggle. I love her though, so I've been caring for her as best I can.

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