Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From Awful to Waffle

This weekend I put my new waffle iron to use with the help of Vegan Brunch. I was nervous and justifiably so. Though I spent many a summer chomping my way through Eggo 48 packs with my sisters before graduating to smaller packs of vegan waffles, I have never made a waffle from scratch or otherwise. But I believe in getting my money's worth out of my books, even if it means dropping more money on the appliances to do so.

For my first batch, I decided to go simple and chose the Chelsea Waffles, since they required no rising time or ingredient trips. Of course, I'm lying, I was one cup short of almond milk and my hemp milk smelled and tasted off, so I made a quick trip to the local organic market. I returned twice more that day, just so you know.

I followed the instructions perfectly, but the first one came out a little ugly.

I made little adjustments to time and flipping, and each waffle looked a little better, but at the end, I had not produced a single perfect waffle. In fact, I didn't even manage a totally edible waffle. The dog and I shared the edible bits, dipped in maple syrup and ate the strawberries I had cut up in anticipation of splendid and photogenic waffles.

I believe that the closing the drafty window helped, but a certain kitty who likes to perch there to watch the birds did not agree.

Day two, things went a little better. Though I was unable to achieve perfect shape, my Peanut Butter Waffles were totally edible and I'll even go so far as to say delicious!

I had presoaked some cashews and had chocolate ganache left over from Brooklyn vs. Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes, so I topped my breakfast/morning dessert accordingly. The whole affair was a success and half a leftover waffle was a perfect Monday morning breakfast.


  1. mm i like how the last waffle turned out. i really need to get a waffle maker..youre making me jealous! cute kitty btw : ]

  2. Yeah, covered in chocolate makes anything better!

    Thank you - she's quite the cooking assistant. :)