Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blogging Sister and a Dinosaur Song

My sister finally started a blog! I say finally, because I've been bugging her to do it for ages.

She is a vegan who eats a diet that is pretty different from mine. She's gluten-free, and really focused on nutrition. She knows a lot about food and the human body, and I learn a lot from her, even if I don't always take her advice.

You can read it here: Plant Based Paige. These are her gorgeous kale chips. She's taking suggestions on varieties to try, so I suggested wasabi and crab - like Crab Chips, which I've only ever seen in Maryland.

After you've read her blog, watch this video! It's from Dinosaur Train, which is one of the few kid shows I can actually stand. I really like how those dinosaurs aren't reinforcing gender roles, and are actually encouraging kids to think scientifically. I also like how they sing a lot. This particular song is my new response to people who don't understand what veganism is.


  1. this is your best post yet! JK thanks so much xoxo!

    1. Did you miss the one about too much wine? ;)

      You're welcome!

  2. thanks for sharing.