Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ghost Post: Horizons in Philly - Again!

How weird. I was tooling around on my blog settings in order to procrastinate around the house, and I found this entry that was never published from 2011.

It's short and about Horizons in Philadelphia, which is no longer around. My understanding is that the owners have opened Vedge, which I have yet to try.

Oh well, here it is because why not?

How did I neglect to mention my visit to Horizons yesterday? When I went to see Rise Against, I stopped in at the restaurant for appetizers, dinner, and dessert.

The appetizers and entrees were awesome, but the dessert that was ordered by all four diners at my table was the Lavender Cheesecake. There was more in the title and description, but I just remember eating wonderful cheesecake.

Sadly I forgot my camera, so phone pictures are all you're going get here. [Except I can't find those right now! I guess I didn't uplaod them firt time 'round]. If you're ever in Philly, it's worth stopping in. The food is creative and delicious, and Horizons is just a nice place.

(Side note, in my head I always pronounce the word horizon, HO-rizon because in my high school Japanese class the mnemonic for the Katakana character ho was "the truck is on the HO-rizen.)

I also have the cookbooks from the restaurant New Vegan Cuisine, and Gourmet Meatless Cuisine and have never made anything from them that wasn't great.

Granted, I find that they lack some of the explanations that I enjoy (and sometimes need) in other cookbooks, and having a half-sheet pan is a must for the desserts.

I'll probably finally make my first sticky toffee pudding today from the book to celebrate the end of my semester.

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