Monday, October 8, 2012

Vegan MoFo 8: Return to Philadelphia

I am straight cheating and stretching my Philadelphia eating into a handful of posts. Vegan eating in Philadelphia was also the subject of one of my MoFo posts two years back. Yesterday, I wrote about eating seaweed in Philadelphia at a length longer than I had planned. It was a fixture Friday night in the city.

The real vegan fun came Saturday though. I ate at MiLah Vegetarian on South 16th St. and I was excited to see this:

Yep, it was the vegan brunch menu. No searching for issues or considering substitutions. Instead, I faced that rare dilemma: what should I choose to eat?

I chose the Indonesian Breakfast. It was pretty fantastic, and very filling.

My dining companions chose the Tofu Benedict and ...

...the Veggie Sausage and Avocado on Biscuits.

The food was great, and the coffee was lovely. Service was quick, but I will complain that it was a little brusque. Our server walked away as I was mid-sentence with my coffee order, so I had send him back for non-dairy creamer and he seemed annoyed about that. After he brought our food, he never checked back, so I had to flag him down for a refill.

I was once a server, and a terrible one at that, so I try to be kind and easy going as a patron. The restaurant was not crowded though, and it seemed like he wanted as little to do with us as possible. It wouldn't keep me from going back ever again, but I'll probably try other places on my next visit instead of running right there. I would recommend the place to anyone, unless I knew they were antsy about good service.


  1. Fantastic when a menu has so many vegan choices and not just same old same old.Great photos.
    Doesn't sound like your server liked being of service ;)

    1. Yeah, I was expecting the standard tofu scramble and fruit plate to choose from. And thank you! I was trying to take them on the sly.

      Hehehe. I guess I can't blame him.