Thursday, November 4, 2010

4. Philadelphia!

I visited Philadelphia over the summer, but I never got around to posting about it. Both of my sisters attended Temple University, so they were able to fill my in on the vegan scene. I love the place. It's way more bike-friendly than my nearby cities and the vegan options are plantiful.

Here are some of the highlights:

Amazing vegan chicken cheese steak take out.

I had breakfast here before going to the art museum. I had the Vegan Reuben, which was pretty good. There were Vegan Treats desserts in the case, but I was short on time!


This was the site for a post-museum lunch. They knew what's what and were able to point me to some vegan options:

Royal Tavern

My sister told me that if I wanted the best tofu club around, then this was the place to go. She was right. I ate every last bite despite feeling too full for words. Once dessert (more Vegan Treats) was packed up, it was a race to get to Sweet Freedom before it closed.

Sweet Freedom Bakery

The owners of RyBread actually suggested this place as another woman-owned, vegan-friendly business to check out. Not only is it vegan-friendly, it's all vegan and gluten-free! The desserts, along with the Royal Tavern haul, were the perfect way to celebrate the premiere of the new season of Futurama,

Unfortunately, a storm knocked out the hotel's cable, but Hulu provided some It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (so appropriate) and the cable came back just in time!


Sabrina's was the site for the next day's breakfast. They make a mean tofu scramble - definitely one of the best restaurant renditions I've ever tasted.

And here are some shots of things I saw that I liked. I'm still getting used to remembering to take pictures of things and then when I do, they don't all come out, but I'm doing better!

Wales on a building!

This mural is on a building near a massive set of stairs/ramps that lead down to Schyukill River Trail (where I had my first total wipeout on my bike - very sad).

Rocky Statue

This is outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and is very cool.

A butterfly

I saw a lot at the Natural History museum. This is the only picture that isn't awful though.

So what did I miss that I need to do next time?


  1. Oh my. Are those cheesecakes in the back if the dessert spread? I haven't had any in quite a while.

  2. i really appreciate city posts because i have a handy reference guide if i ever happen to go to that particular place!

  3. Oh, fun! I'm going to be in Philadelphia in a couple of weeks so I'm making notes of the places you mentioned. Thanks!

  4. They are cheesecakes! There were wonderful too :)

    Jen, I hope it helps. I combed the PPK to find ideas and quizzed my sisters. But having it all in one spot is nice.

    Jenny, I'm glad to hear it! Have fun! They were all fantastic. I especially liked talking to the owners of RyBread and Sweet Freedom.

  5. I love all art museums, and Philly's is great! I want to go to the Mutter Museum, but Mr. Burnout is freaked out by weird medical stuff, so he'll never go with me. I may have to leave him at the art museum and go by myself!

  6. I want to go to the Mutter too. The art museum should give him plenty to do while you pour over the fun, creepy stuff. And I'm hoping to catch the Cleopatra exhibit up there as well.