Tuesday, November 9, 2010

9. Short Posts and Unrelated Pictures

Great first week of MoFo, fellow bloggers!

I've been doing a lot of short postings for Vegan MoFo so far and this is for a few reasons. Most of those reasons are unimportant, but the important one is that I haven't been cooking for very long.

I was a junk food vegan for years. I had cookbooks, but it was easier to subsist on convenience foods. Then I started not feeling so well. Though correlation is not causation, I began to suspect soy was the culprit. I am not anti-soy by any means, but I was eating processed soy products for every meal, every day.

So I decided I'd best stop and that's when I realized I was going to have to start cooking if I couldn't eat Chik Patties for every meal.

Here's another Philadelphia Museum of Art picture!

This was actually a year ago at the end of October, and I somehow found the PPK forums at that point. It was a huge inspiration and unfortunately cultivated in me a need to buy cookbooks like it was going out of style. I had never heard of Vegan MoFo, but became curious at the mentions on the boards. The PPK was also hosting a cookbook challenge. Though I came in at the end, it kick-started my weekly use of cookbooks to prepare balanced and exciting meals.

Since then, I've tried a host of new ingredients, new styles of cooking from around the world, and new cooking techniques. But I haven't done much in the way of creating original recipes. That's something I would like to do eventually. I know it's probably not all that scary, and I have developed a taste of what foods and flavors compliment each other. So I’ll try it out at some point. I still have a lot to learn about food and cooking, but experimenting is an important part of that process.

The owners of Ry Bread didn't want dogs to be thirsty on a hot day.

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