Monday, November 29, 2010

29. Day After Breakfast

With my parents visiting for Thanksgiving, I had to make sure that breakfast the next day lived up to the precedent set by the Thanksgiving meal. Naturally, I turned to Vegan Brunch for quiche and sausages. The sausage technique was intimidating to read, but actually very easy to carry out and worked beautifully. Breakfast was a hit and my reputation for cooking was maintained.

We made sure to have more Vegan Treats cake for post-breakfast dessert.


  1. My mum gave me Vegan Brunch for my birthday the other day. I can't wait to try some recipes. Those sausages look fab and your Thanksgiving food looks so delicious.

  2. You'll love it! The muffins are wonderful, the quiches and fritattas are impressive, the crabcakes are great, and I love all the waffle recipes. The sausages were surprisingly easy to do and a big hit at breakfast.