Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10. This Isn't Even My Soup

In exciting news, I got my awesome new, purple vegan T shirt from Sparrow Media. I can't wait for those Ask Me Why I'm Vegan totes to be back in stock.

Today's food comes from the west coast where my sister cooks macro-biotic meals and has her pick of all-vegan restaurants. (Stay tuned for a quest post on how to work with mochi from her, because I still haven't figured it out).

First up, we have a lovely French Onion Soup, from The Self Healing Cookbook : A Macrobiotic Primer for Healing Body, Mind and Moods With Whole, Natural Foods (which I just bought for $0.01 plus shipping). Between the parsley sprig and the sparkle effect created by the flash, this soup looks like magic!

This second picture leaves me envious. Delivered from Cruzer's Pizza, it is 100% animal product free, just like the rest of their pizzas. In DC, I'm pretty excited about places like Busboys & Poets, Z Pizza, and Pete's which provide vegan options. I would do a happy dance to find a place that was all vegan though.

Hopefully my dear sister will weigh in and tell us exactly what toppings grace its surface.

This post marks the 1/3 mark of Vegan MoFo posts! How are the rest of you holding up?


  1. Ha! I love the sparkle effect magic soup!

  2. I think making it sparkle is a macro diet secret!

  3. That soup does look magical, so pretty. Sounds delicious too.

    That is one great looking pizza too!

    I'm holding up with MoFo, but scrambling to keep up with blogs as well as discovering as many blogs as possible.

  4. Magic soup! Also, the pizza looks great!

  5. Mo, when I visit my sister, I'm going to demand her special Magic Soup and when if she serves me something not sparkly, I'll know I've been had!

    She is a great cook and I tried to get her to write the post for these, but she keeps ignoring my pleas.

    Rose, I feel you there. I'm trying to comment as much as I can, but there's so much to read! It's great though, I've discovered a lot of new blogs and struck up some excellent conversations lately.

  6. i keep trying to post things and it lies to me! i wrote out what was on the pizza and it said it posted but didn't :(

  7. I have to permit the posts, but this is the only one I saw from you, Paige. Try again or email me what was on the pizza!