Sunday, November 7, 2010

7. Failure

Honestly, it could have been much worse. I've never made anything so terrible it had to be tossed, and I've made plenty of things that didn't hold shape or looked kind of funny, but they've always tasted great. And this was one of those.

Having a busy weekend ahead, I made the Super Sonic Sunflower Squares from Urban Vegan as a take along. I tried spreading them in the suggested 9-inch pan, but I couldn't spread it thin enough to cover it, so I switched to an 8-inch pan, and it was still thin, but the coverage was much better.

Everything else went well until it was time to remove the bars from the pan. They crumbled horribly and it was clear I'd be taking them nowhere. They taste pretty good - they are hyper sweet, so I wouldn't take them as a healthy snack, but I'll finish of the pan with a spoon after lunch.


  1. Heh. Yeah, I'd just pull out the spoon and eat as is.

  2. This has become one of those things I just eat out of the pan by the pinch-full, so it surely could have been worse.

  3. I hate when that happens! I really want to make those still.

  4. I hope you make them and are more successful than I was. Let me know how they turn out.