Wednesday, November 17, 2010

17. More From LA: Pure Luck and Cush Salon

ETA: Sorry for the crazy picture issues - it looked so pretty in draft mode!

Amazing! This Burrito and Corn Chowder (above) and BBQ Sandwich (below) are on the menu at Pure Luck, in LA. I don't see any desserts on their menu though - that makes me wonder ...

Meanwhile, if you're a busy vegan who needs to have great hair* and a meal, but doesn't have the time to go to separate establishments for each, Cush Salon in Beverly Hills can help you out with a vegan wrap sandwich. The Hair Cuttery near my house has a 7-11 next door and 7-11 has some fun accidentally vegan snack food. It's kind of the same thing, right?

*I don't condone the use of half and half ;)


  1. Mmm Pure Luck! I love Pure Luck so much..everything they make is always so yummy. I don't believe they have dessert either but have you ever gone across the street to Scoops? They offer vegan ice cream that they make there daily. Really good stuff and really cheap prices : ]

  2. Sadly, I've never even been to Pure Luck! My sisters live in LA, but I have yet to visit. I will ask them about Scoops though.