Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30. Lazy Rice Bowls

I wish that I could unveil some grand finale - a meal that would convince even the harshest of our critics that vegan eating was truly the path the happiness. Sadly, this is not the case.

So many of us are working through MoFo burnout. Posting every day can be rough. Eventually you wonder, does anyone care that I made scones today? No, probably not. However, it was all worth it. I made it 30 days when I hadn't posted 30 entries period.

As much as I love cooking, I get burnt out on that too. That's when rice bowls become my best friend. All I have to do is make the rice and the dressing, and then add in whatever veggies I have. It's a great way to use up those bits and pieces too.

For the pictured bowl, I had the green parts of two leeks left from other recipes, carrots, broccoli, and chickpeas. Once the rice cooked, I just threw everything in the pot, let the hot rice steam the veggies and added improvised dressing.


  1. Good job on blogging every day of the MoFo! You totally deserve a nice little break. I didn't get anywhere near 30 posts, and I still felt burnt out towards the end.

    That rice bowl looks delish! Thanks for the idea of a yummy quick-fix dinner! :)

  2. Thanks! Lazy meals are always nice and this is one of those rare ones that's actually pretty good for you :)

  3. Seriously! I am a little burnt out from mofo too! Too many things to think about and way too many posts to read but it was fun : ]
    I do rice bowls too whenever I need a quick dinner.

  4. Happy end of MoFo to you too, Panda :)

    Jacklyn, I am ready to settle in to a cold December and catch up on blog reading. I'm also hoping to keep up the habit, and after having a little break, keep blogging regularly. More quick dinners might be the ticket.