Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Year Appetite for Reduction

As I mentioned before, I gave my parents a copy of Appetite for Reduction and instructions that they were to cook through it in 2011. I'm really proud of them because they've barely had the book for two weeks and they've made quite a bit.

The other instruction they've been good about following is taking pictures and reviewing each dish. In return, I promised to make them famous by blogging their comments.

As a bonus, the Post Punk Kitchen forum is conducting a cookbook challenge and the first cookbook up is Appetite for Reduction, so I bought myself a copy and have started cooking from it myself. However, I don't want to steal their thunder, so here's what they've been up to so far.

Warm Mushroom and Cranberry Salad with Creamy Horseradish Dressing
It turned out great. Tasty and filling. We enjoyed it. It has just a little kick from the horseradish that gives it personality. I prefer the horseradish that is pure with no sauce additives.

Sweet Potato Biscuits
Great texture light and moist, and much better the next morning. Next time, I think I will cut back on the nutmeg and increase the maple syrup.

Cool Slaw
Was OK, but not exceptional. I added Veganaise to the recipe and it made a big difference.

Pasta De Los Angeles
I believe it needs a little more kick. It was a bit bland. Next time I'll add red pepper flakes. It makes a generous amount.

Glam Chowder
WOW!!! This chowder is excellent. It is a keeper. Absolutely SUPERB!!!


  1. I'm participating in the PPK cookbook challenge and blogging about it, too. I've been wanting to try the warm mushroom salad and horseradish dressing for a while, and your review is just what I needed! Everything looks great and I'll see you on the ppk (user: cakenstein)

  2. Awesome! I still need to upload my other photos, then get started on the ones from Veganomicon. I'm CandyBeans on PPK :) Happy cooking!